Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm not so great at this...

I keep getting emails from friends to introduce their new blogs, and it just reminds me that I haven't been keeping up on ours that I only started two months ago, and have only posted to twice! Yikes. I am not so great at this. But since I left my camera in Dietrich over a month ago, I don't really have pictures to share. But here's a picture of Isaiah riding the mini 4-wheeler at Grammie's house. Eddie's little boy, Gabe, is riding with him.

I guess some things have changed for us. I am now staying home with the kids (no longer working at Bravo Entertainment), and I'm gearing up to become a partner of the tax firm I've worked at for 7 years. It's about time! I'm excited for the new adventure, and we're praying that Spenser will be starting a new adventure soon - he just tested for North Ada County Fire & Rescue. I can't believe what a hard worker he is! He works all day long out in the hot sun, and spends some evenings and weekends at the Eagle Fire Department. He's ready to give construction the boot, so we can't wait for him to get hired on to a fire department full time.

Nothing new with the kids. As energetic as ever. We go to Roaring Springs Water Park about once a week, and the kids love it. Other than that, we're just hanging out and enjoying this great summer.