Sunday, August 30, 2009

Check the Weather Forecast

I just spent a good 30 minutes typing what I thought would be a great "return to blogging" post and just realized it would put everybody to sleep. And now I think I realize why I haven't been posting. I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY! After 14 months, I still have not made any effort to pick up the phone and go pick up my camera after leaving it in Dietrich over a year ago, so I don't have any fun pictures to post. And without pictures I simply cannot be exciting. I could tell you about the evening we spent at Lucky Peak on our friends, the Clayton's, boat, but words would not do the trick. Or maybe they could. I told them this would be one evening I would never forget, but I can't remember a darn thing these days, so maybe I should write it down. Who's gonna read my blog anyway? It's been inactive for over 5 months, so I'm sure nobody checks it. This is now my family journal. Read at your own risk.

At 10am this morning (roughly 2 minutes after I rolled out of bed), Jaymie and I decided we'd go take their boat for a spin on the lake this evening. The planner in me got excited! I had a few hours to start preparing. The OCD surfaced and I started making a list. Food, towels, sunscreen, etc. I get everything ready, and we head out the door only about 15 minutes late (really good for us - luckily all our friends know we're always late to everything). We make it to Lucky Peak and the boat won't start. Looking back maybe it was a sign, but one flip of a switch several minutes later, and we were out to find a dock to start roasting hot dogs at. The kids played in the sand and we ate hot dogs and other food not worthy of mentioning. Then we got on the boat to start our wakeboarding/waterskiing/tubing. Looks like it might start raining, but it's been hot and cloudy all day, so there was really no cause for concern. We get Spense in the water and after a few tries, he's up on the wakeboard. And then we see it. Lightening. No, that couldn't have been lightening. Minutes later, it strikes again. So we decide we better head back to our dock. Maybe we'll roast marshmallows while it passes. Um, not gonna be the case. It starts raining and we make it back to the dock in time to pack up our stuff and take cover under towels and blankets in the boat as large rain drops pelt us. The lightening is crazy. I figure we're all gonna die. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. And yes, we are the only ones on the lake. And it takes FOREVER to get back to shore. We can't see through the rain, and dang it, those big rain drops hurt. But we finally make it back safe and sound. And the moral of the story is - check the weather forecast. I'm a planner. I know these things. Good story, huh? Guess you had to be there. And now I realize why my husband thinks I'm boring...

And now I'll go to bed. More boring stories to come in, oh, about 5 months. Don't hold your breath.