Sunday, March 8, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

I bet you thought you wouldn't see a post from me until after April 15th, but I thought I'd surprise everybody with a quick post and pictures. We celebrated Brooklyn's 4th birthday last Wednesday with cupcakes and ice cream. Here's a picture of the birthday girl with her cupcakes:

As everybody was getting ready to go home, Spenser asked Brooklyn if she had gotten all she wanted. She broke down crying - not a mad cry, but a genuine sad cry, and came and climbed into my lap because she had asked for a baby but didn't get one. She got a Tinkerbell doll, but it wasn't a babydoll. After much consoling and a little genius on my part, Tinkerbell turned into the babydoll she wanted:

Will update more later. I guess it's been so long that I forgot how to do this! I tried to get pictures off the camera and thought my usb port wasn't working, so I searched online for 15 minutes to see if I could get some troubleshooting tips when alas, I remembered you had to turn on the camera to get the pics! So this task has taken me longer than planned! Expect a post in about 6 weeks...

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